Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oreo Balls

1 package Oreo cookies, crushed (white stuff removed)
1 8 oz. package 1/3 less fat cream cheese, softened

5-6 squares white almond bark

1/2 bag milk chocolate chips

Remove white filling from Oreos with knife.
Blend cookies in mini-chopper or blender until fine. Combine with cream cheese in KitchenAid or with hand mixer.

Roll into walnut size balls and place on cookie sheet covered in wax paper.

Chill for 15 min in refrigerator.

Melt white almond bark in microwave or in double boiler.
Melt chocolate chips also. Roll balls through chocolate of choice, and place on wax paper. Drizzle with opposite-colored chocolate.

Allow to harden.
Best when served chilled! Makes approx. 2 dozen.

Comments from the cook: These are a true crowd-pleaser! They are quite rich, so keep a glass of milk closeby.

While the recipe calls for almond bark and chocolate chips, the chocolate shown in the picture above is Ghirardelli dipping chocolate. A gift from my MIL. It is AMAZING. I've tried the recipe with chocolate chips and almond bark, and the results are not quite as pretty, but still taste fantastic.

originally shared by: Kathy Kiester, Pioneer 4th Ward


  1. Oh! I'm so thrilled that you're doing this! I especially like that the first recipe you chose to share is a goodie! I'm totally trying this recipe! I'll be checking this often! Thanks!

  2. Brilliant. Even when you're far off in another state, your amazing desserts won't have to be!

  3. seeing those makes me completely sick with how much sugar is in them, but also makes my mouth water, because they are so good. :)

  4. The blog, I mean... but the oreo balls are good too! (I really like the white ones)

  5. now that is delicous!!! ive done this before but i didnt remove the white stuff and i just mixed it with a lil milk and dipped in in chococlate. YUM!!

  6. Making some of these for Valentine's day. Yesssss :)


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